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auto update module codes

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PostSubject: auto update module codes Sun Jun 01, 2008 11:48 pm

CREDITS: Switpotato and Marky
*Permission to post was granted by Switpotato*

Auto Update Control Panel

<div id="content_13"><div class="boxcontent center">loading...
<img src=htt p://anonymouse.org/cgi-bin/anon-www.cgi/htt p://www.ct rigger.com/forum/"http://images.friendster.com/images/loading.gif"></div></div>
<script language="javascript">
one of the most interesting add-on in the friendster modules, whereas you can modify the shoutout directly to your OGprofile and more

Auto Update Photos

<div id="content_1"></div>
<script language="javascript">
Preview your photo gallery using this module


Auto Update Blogs

<div id="content_13"><div class="boxcontent center">loading...
<img src=ht tp://anonymouse.org/cgi-bin/anon-www.cgi/http://FriendsterBattles.com/forum/"http://images.friendster.com/images/loading.gif"></div></div>
<script language="javascript">
Spawn your blog preview directly in your OG profiles pls remove the spaces

Auto Update More About Me

<div id="content_6"></div>
<script language="javascript">
Spawn your "More About Me" so don't have to generate your HTML codes all over again if you want to modify the changes about yourself
Auto Update Scrapbook

<div id="content_10"></div>
<script language="javascript">

formerly known as "Media Box"... you can spawn its contents using the code above, OG++ can take advantage of this add-on
Auto Update Friends

<div id="content_2"></div>
<script language="javascript">

Spawn your 6 latest friend list or featured friends

Auto Update Groups

<div id="content_8"></div>
<script language="javascript">

Spawn your Groups using the code above
Auto Update Fanof

<div id="content_7"></div>
<script language="javascript">
Spawn your Fanof using the code above


Auto Update Control Panel [Module 0]

/* Control Panel Button just below the photo */
#content_0 #controlPanelButtons { width: 200px; margin-top: 3px; padding-bottom: 1px; }
#content_0 #controlPanelButtons li { display: inline; }
#content_0 #controlPanelButtons a, #controlPanelButtons a:link, #controlPanelButtons a:visited { width: 98px; text-align: center; float:left; display: inline; background: #D1E6E9; border: 1px solid #E6F1F3; margin: 0 -1px -1px 0; padding: 6px 0; }
#content_0 #controlPanelButtons a:hover { color: #FFFFFF; background: #17728F; }

/* Recent Updates Box */
#content_0 .user_tracker {width: 100%; background: white; border: 1px solid #c4c4c4; color:#555555; }
#content_0 .user_tracker ul li a, #content_0 .user_tracker ul li a:link, #content_0 .user_tracker ul li #content_0 a:active, #content_0 .user_tracker ul li a:hover, #content_0 .user_tracker ul li a:visited {margin-left: 5px; font-weight: bold; color: #17728F; }
#content_0 .user_tracker ul li i {margin-left: 5px; color: #555555; }

/* Main Photo */
#content_0 .imgblock200 { width: 200px; background: #FFFFFF; border: 1px solid #76B5C6; text-align: center; margin-bottom: 5px; }
#content_0 .imgblock200 img { margin: 0 auto; }

/* Shout Out */

.controlpanel .so, .minicontrolpanel .so { margin: 0 -20px 10px 0; width: 257px; position: relative; background:url(http://images.friendster.com/images/sot.gif) repeat-y top left; color: #17728F; font-weight: bold; }
.controlpanel .so a, .minicontrolpanel .so a { color: #FF4400; }
.controlpanel .so div#cpShoutoutBox, .controlpanel .so div#cpShoutoutEditBox, .minicontrolpanel .so div#cpShoutoutBox, .minicontrolpanel .so div#cpShoutoutEditBox { padding: 7px 7px 5px 7px; margin: 0; }
.controlpanel .so div#cpShoutoutEditBox, .minicontrolpanel .so div#cpShoutoutEditBox { display: none; }
.controlpanel .sol, .minicontrolpanel .sol { position: absolute; left: -5px; top: 8px; width: 6px; height: 11px; background:url(http://images.friendster.com/images/sol.gif) no-repeat; }
.controlpanel .sob, .minicontrolpanel .sob { width: 257px; height: 2px; background:url(http://images.friendster.com/images/sob.gif) no-repeat; line-height: 0; font-size: 0; }

Auto Update Photos [Module 1]

/* Background of the photo */
#content_1 .flogridp .flogriditem { margin-right: 13px; width: 101px; height: 87px; background: url(http://images.friendster.com/images/pf.gif) no-repeat; }

/* Picture Size */
#content_1 .flogridp .ir { width: 93px; height: 73px; margin: 3px 0 0 4px; }
#content_1 .flogridp .ir img { margin: 0 auto; height: 73px; }

/* Display Photos ONLY Horizontally */
#content_1 .flogriditem{float: left; display: inline; margin-right: 17px; margin-bottom: 10px; }
/* Auto Update Photos */

Auto Update Blogs [Module 2]credits to JE41 for blog html.

/* Display Style */
p { margin-bottom: 10px; margin: 0; padding: 0; }

/* Data Style */
ul.data li, ul.entries p { margin-bottom: 3px; }
ul.entries li { background: url(http://images.friendster.com/images/blue_arrow_rt.gif) no-repeat 0 2px; padding-left: 8px; margin-bottom: 5px; }
.entries { list-style: none;}

/* View All or Edit Link */
.commonbox .viewall, .commonbox .editlink { padding: 4px 11px; font-weight: bold; }
.commonbox .editlink { float: right; }

Auto Update More About Me [Module 4]

/* Global CSS */
p {margin:0;padding:0;}

/* Data styles */
p { margin-bottom: 10px; }
ul.questions li { margin-bottom: 10px; list-style:none;}
.q, .strong, .title { font-weight: bold; }
Auto Update Publiccomments/Testimonials [Module 5]
/* List Style */
.data {list-style:none;}

/* Want to have friendster style of comments */

/* Add this */
.evenrow { background-color: #F5F5F5; }

/* Picture Size */
.imgblock75 { width: 75px; height: 75px; background: #FFFFFF; overflow: hidden; }
.imgblock75 img { height: 75px; margin: 0 auto; }

Auto Update Friends [Module 8]

/* Auto Update Friends */
/* Picture Size */
#content_2 .flogrid75 .ir { width: 75px; height: 75px; }
#content_2 .flogrid75 .ir img { margin: 0 auto; height: 75px; }
/* Picture Holder Size*/
#content_2 .flogrid75 .flogriditem { width: 75px; }
/* Hiding of overflow pictures */
#content_2 .ir { background: #FFFFFF; text-align: center; overflow: hidden; }

/* Displays Friends ONLY Horizontally */
#content_2 .flogriditem { float: left; display: inline; margin-right: 17px; margin-bottom: 10px; }

/* Name of Friends */
#content_2 .dr { text-align: center; background: #E6F1F3; padding: 3px 0; border-top: 1px solid #FFFFFF; white-space: nowrap;}

/* View all & Edit Link ONLY FOR FRIENDS [OPTIONAL] */
#content_2 .viewall, .editlink { padding: 4px 11px; font-weight: bold; }

Auto Update Groups[Module 11]

/* Group Image */
#content_8 .imgblock75 { width: 75px; height: 75px; background: #FFFFFF; overflow: hidden; }
#content_8 .imgblock75 img { height: 75px; margin: 0 auto; }
/* Group List style */
#content_8 ul {list-style:none;}
/* Group Name */
#content_8 .title { font-weight: bold; }
/* Group - View all and Edit Link */
#content_8 .viewall, #content_8 .editlink { padding: 4px 11px; font-weight: bold; }
#content_8 .editlink { float: right; }


creativity is art.
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auto update module codes

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