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manage your own css profile

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PostSubject: manage your own css profile Sat Apr 26, 2008 12:00 pm

NOTE: Permission to repost was GRANTED by the author

hope this tips will help .. incase friendster change some id or class
u wont go gaga and panic... why some / all codes aint working
view the source locate what they changed ..
replace ur old id or class..
but inregards to the most recent update......
they didnt change the css but they block the main codes we use for applying our xtension..
if thats the case juz wait for new one lol...
it involve scripting....and i dunno bout that..
im juz learning with that field...with the help of archer tutorials
my advice to all read as much topic as u can specially if its from archer lol...
definitely u will learn something new... ;)

ok this what i do in creating those tweak...

1. view the source of ordinary friendster page..

# stands for the id
. for class

2. pay attention with the bold fonts..

thats our ordinary css that we usually insert to css box
the one we generated using coubancouncil
we alter some of its properties using our xternal css file

eg: we add
final result


if u will insert some link hover efex look what will happnd
i use this site for some efex

i just copy some properties and add

result the upper is usercontent a:link the bottom is efex upon hover

3.browse down with ur viewed source...
take note of some bold fonts and color..
those wer xtra ids and class that we either apply tweaking or juz simply hide

again i use # for id
if some of the codes dont work try to insert !important

same procedure can b applied to the rest of the id and class..
add and omit juz xperiment with it...

4. for more property view the css of friendster located at the top...
again it wont harm u... xperiment.. with those one at a time...
BUT BE SURE U DOING IT USING UR XTERNaL FILE.... all u have to do with ur
dummy page is to refresh to view the result...

juz a small favor
if no one here posted new codes dont go gaga
and pls... for some gud hearted peepz out there just post if u
able to tweak or discover something
btw havent u notice... i dont have tweaking codes for review.. groups.. etc..
thou this .commonbox auto carry those part but u can tweak it individually like
the codes we apply with our #content_friends_2_2,#content_publiccomments_1_7 etc...
i forgot to mention u can apply border there too
making ur box hving 2 borders outer and inner border...
feel free to post ur codes ... no one will make fun of u not unless
someone really deliberately trying to discourage u... ;)

creativity is art.
my friendster profile [i][url]http://www.friendster.com/joychristian
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PostSubject: Re: manage your own css profile Fri May 09, 2008 11:38 am

tnx 4 sharin
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manage your own css profile

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